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As part of my degree program, I’ve had a few papers published in the SANS Reading Room. OS and Application Fingerprinting Techniques Using OSSEC with NETinVM IPv6 and Open Source IDS Implementing the Critical Security Controls in the Cloud Other Essays The Critical Role of Integrity in Transformational Leadership


Lists of different tools I’ve used or recommend for different purposes. Last updated: 2021-12-24 Password Managers 1Password LastPass KeePass File Encryption Boxcryptor (File encryption for cloud storage) Whisply (by Boxcryptor) GnuPG/PGP GPG4Win (OpenSource Windows implementation of GnuPG) Keybase (Keybase has since been acquired by Zoom and has gone downhill fast) File Send (by Standard Notes) Similar to Firefox Send (Firefox Send was taken offline in 2020), and run by the same privacy-focused group as Standard Notes (see below) miniLock (Chrome extension/app) (HOWTO) 7zip (with AES256) Still a good compression tool, but I no longer recommend it for any form of file encryption Cryptomator (Another option for file encryption for cloud storage) VPN ProtonVPN Instant Messaging Signal Ad Blockers DisconnectMe AdBlockPlus Brave Browser Full web-browser with good built-in ad blocking and privacy settings Based on Chrome Backup Software Arq Backup Wasabi for cloud-based backup target Boxcryptor (File encryption for cloud storage) Carbon Copy Cloner (Mac only) Sync CrashPlan Cryptomator (File encryption for cloud storage) Notes Obsidian StandardNotes Simple, privacy centric note taking app Fully supports local encryption prior to server upload Also supports Markdown Free and paid versions Bear....


My name is Jon Mark Allen and I’ve been a geek most of my life. I’ve been involved in the computer security field for over 17 years, but never really took the time to write down tidbits of what I’ve learned. So that’s what you’ll find here: generally small tips and tricks with various tools or applications, typically related to security but maybe not always. I can nearly guarantee anything I have here you can find somewhere else on the Internet - but at this point I think that’s probably a true statement for almost any site…...