ncat Send and Receive Only

Posted on Sat 12 November 2016 in howto • Tagged with ncat, nmap

This week, I picked up the ncat series again and looked at broker mode for transferring files. In my example case, the file was just ASCII and was simple to examine to ensure that no stray bits of the transmission were accidentally stored in the outputfile. But what if the …

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Using ncat in Broker Mode

Posted on Wed 09 November 2016 in howto • Tagged with ncat

Picking back up on the ncat series started earlier this year...

I was looking through the various options for ncat and came across an option I hadn't seen before: Broker mode. After reading through the examples, I learned that the --chat mode is really just a special mode of connection …

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Restricting Connections to ncat

Posted on Fri 08 April 2016 in howto • Tagged with ncat

We've already seen the usefulness of ncat, including ncat SSL sessions and running chat servers. Now we address the potential issue of unintended users of our listening ncat sessions.

Why would you want to limit access to an ncat listener?

If you're competing in a Capture the Flag event and …

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Using ncat as a Chat Server

Posted on Tue 05 April 2016 in howto • Tagged with ncat

Sometimes a quick and easy channel for communication can come in handy. ncat has a nice option for just such a chat server.

Start the server using the -l and --chat flags:

    ubahmapk@laptop:~ > ncat --chat -l -p 8888

Note that you will not see any of the chat traffic …

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Using SSL Connections Over ncat

Posted on Sun 20 March 2016 in howto • Tagged with encryption, ncat

ncat is a full rewrite from the nmap team of the traditional netcat (nc) network "Swiss Army Knife".

ncat is full of really slick new features, but the one I will cover here is the ability to do all the wonderful things nc could do, but over an SSL connection …

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