Lists of different tools I’ve used or recommend for different purposes.

Last updated: 2021-12-24

Password Managers

File Encryption

  • Boxcryptor (File encryption for cloud storage)
  • Whisply (by Boxcryptor)
  • GnuPG/PGP
  • GPG4Win (OpenSource Windows implementation of GnuPG)
  • Keybase (Keybase has since been acquired by Zoom and has gone downhill fast)
  • File Send (by Standard Notes)
    • Similar to Firefox Send (Firefox Send was taken offline in 2020), and run by the same privacy-focused group as Standard Notes (see below)
  • miniLock (Chrome extension/app) (HOWTO)
  • 7zip (with AES256)
    • Still a good compression tool, but I no longer recommend it for any form of file encryption
  • Cryptomator (Another option for file encryption for cloud storage)


Instant Messaging

Ad Blockers

Backup Software


  • Obsidian
  • StandardNotes
    • Simple, privacy centric note taking app
    • Fully supports local encryption prior to server upload
    • Also supports Markdown
    • Free and paid versions
  • (macOS only)